Tuesday, 12 September 2017

How to Improve your Oracle Career

 A career in DBA is one of the best things that happened in your life. From past two decades, there have been numerous companies that implemented Oracle in the domain. A DBA career has widespread demand in companies located in India as well as across continents.

An aspirant planning to boost the career in Oracle need to upgrade by enrolling to latest Oracle training course and Oracle certifications specially designed according to industry compliance.

Here is the list of Oracle certification mentioned below:

·         Oracle Certified Associate
·         Oracle Certified Professional
·         Oracle Certified Master
·         Oracle Certified Expert
·         Oracle Certified Specialist

After completion of the following certification, one can handle the complex Oracle database confidently. Some of the important responsibilities that an Oracle administrator needs to perform are provided below:

·         Integrate and test backup & recovery procedures
·         Upgrade RDBMS and apply patches for smooth functioning
·         Migrate database when necessary
·         Support application developers for DB related activities
·         Stay updated with DB trends & technologies
·         Implemented latest technologies when needed
·         Install, test, and evaluate newly developed Oracle products
·         Perform storage and physical design task
·         Enhance DBA design to achieve optimal performance
·         Create, configure and design DB instances occasionally
·         Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve DB issues
·         Work with Oracle support to produce successful resolution
·         Configure and manage RDBMS, XML, Java, PHP, HTML, Linux, Unix, and Windows Scripting to improve performance

As stated earlier, Oracle has one of the complex database structures. Hence, it requires thorough professional trainer or faculties having years of experience for imparting knowledge to the students. Fortunately, there are some of the Oracle training institutes available in Noida having advanced lab open 24 hours, providing flexible timing to master on DBA, offering ample of projects so that students have confident hands on training and critical training for certification.

Aptron is one of the serious Oracle training centers located in the region educating thousands of Oracle students and professionals during the summer and winter sessions. Also, the institute has designed an Oracle industrial training program to meet the latest challenges and issues prevailing on the domain. Besides, students enrolled in Oracle training find placement solutions that strengthen their DBA career without a break.

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