Thursday, 28 December 2017

Big Data Hadoop opportunities

Data has three classifications; structured data, semi-structured data, and unstructured data. Data that can be stored is structured data; there are data that can be stored partially on the database is semi-structured data, and data from social media sites and website-logs cannot be stored and called as unstructured data.

Data examples:

·       Structured data
Transaction records of online purchase can be stored in databases.

·       Semi-Structured data
The data on the XML records can be partially stored in databases.

·       Unstructured data
Data from social media sites, weblogs cannot be stored, analyzed, or processed in the database.

The term used for unstructured data is Big Data.

According to NASSCOM analysis and report; the structured data and semi-structured data accounts for only 10% each, whereas, the remaining 80% of data comes from unstructured data. In general, organizations analyze structured and semi-structured data using traditional data analytics tools. Previously, Google developed Map-Reduce framework tool for analyzing unstructured data. Later, Apache developed a framework called ‘Hadoop’, which is equipped with excellent features providing better data analysis and reveals information according to the requirements. Many companies have started to explore new opportunities in the field of unstructured data. However, the privacy and data protection concerns have also risen in the industry.

Big Data is an inordinate tool and it can open more paths and countless opportunities to the organizations. The unusual benefits of Big Data should not be altered by anxieties over privacy and data protection. The decent aspect is, many organizations are clearly conscious and have beforehand info regarding this issue. Some of the organizations have ongoing to share the intent of data group to the customers. Some organizations have updated the privacy policy on their websites to portion the intent of its data collection approach.

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