Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Summer Training and Summer Internships

Summer Training is an important segment of an engineering curriculum. The purpose of this segment is to make a student understand the real-time situations in the industry and also make him aware of technologies which are not covered in the regular curriculum.

“You need the experience to get experience.” This seems to be the biggest issue for young adults transitioning into the workforce these days.

Employers in today’s labour market rely heavily on resumes that illustrate a relevant work history, whether that’s from internships, volunteer work, or actual job experience. 
That one internship you did over summer could be the difference between winning a job opportunity or losing it. An Internship Provides Real Life Experience The Opportunity To Learn More About Yourself Get Connected and Develop Your Professional Network Prevent CV From Going To The Trash Transition Into A Full-Time Position.

APTRON Solutions providing a Summer Training and Internships.

Summer Training and Internships programs are available for all fields of engineering students:-
Mechanical Engineering students
ECE/EEE/EN/EI Engineering students
CS/IT students
civil engineering students

Mechanical Engineering Students

Aptron Solutions for Mechanical Engineering provides various Training and Internships for six weeks such as SolidWorks, CREO, CAD, and Catia. Get trained by the experts. Aptron has experts from both the engineering departments and well-equipped labs to offer advanced learning to the students. Mechanical engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the study and application of principles of physics, materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. 

ECE/EEE/EN/EI Engineering Students
       If you are looking for summer training for ECE/EEE/EN/EI engineering students, then you’ve come on the right place. APTRON Solutions for  ECE/EEE/EN/EI Engineering provide both paid and unpaid, summer training, depending upon the knowledge of the students. Students will be given on-hand experience and perfect guidance to increase their understanding level for the subject. Apart from that, students will be given certificates after the completion of six-week summer internship which builds their resume. 

CS/IT Students

            Aptron Solutions for CSE CS/IT engineering provide a great opportunity in almost every area regarding CSE CS/IT engineering. We also provide training to CSE 2nd  and 3-year students. A few of the most popular six-week summer training are .Net, Android, CCNA, Java, Oracle, PHP, Cloud computing, Ethical hacking, iPhone IOS, PHP and so on. Summer training for CSE CS/IT engineering students would be provided under the guidance of expert officials and trainers having experience for over a decade

Civil Engineering Students

            APTRON Solutions for Civil engineering provide a great opportunity. Since from the last few years, technology is used in every branch of science as it reduces the workload from the manual work. And one among the popular software that is popular these days in the field of civil engineering is the computer-aided drawing. Though, there are much software that makes the work easier and faster for civil engineers. We’ve trainers worked in Civil Engineer organization who are expert in instructing students in CAD, E-TABS and other software that help civil engineers in designing structural loads and designing buildings      


In APTRON Solutions the competition is not very tough and the availability of jobs to are good.  It involves assigning a specific rank and responsibility to an individual. It implies matching the requirements of a job with the qualifications of the candidate. We expertise in the areas of and provides a rich learning experience for students in this segment of the industry.

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